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Taiho Pharmaceutical and Phost'in Therapeutics announce an Option and License Agreement on the First-in-Class GnT-V inhibitor PhOx430

Montpellier, France – August 2023, 25th
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FRANCE 2030: Phost'in Therapeutics is awarded 1.7m€ in the I-NOV competition to support clinical trial and industrialization of its First-In-Class GnT-V inhibitor

Montpellier, France – July 2023, 4th
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Phost'in Therapeutics and the Gianni Bonadonna Foundation announce First Patients Dosed with the First-In-Class PhOx430 in an adaptive Phase I/II in patients with Advanced Solid Tumors

Montpellier, France – Sept 2022, 14th
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Phost'in Therapeutics announces approval of French and Italian Health Agency for a first European clinical trial application in patients with advanced solid tumors, in collaboration with Foundation Gianni Bonnadona

Montpellier, France – June 2022, 07th
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€10M Series A Boosts Cancer Immunotherapy Hitting Tumor Sugar Coating – April 2020, 22nd
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Phost'in Therapeutics normalise la glycosylation des cellules tumorales

Les Echos – April 2020, 24th
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Phost’In Therapeutics lève 10,3 M€ et démarre une étude clinique contre le cancer

La Tribune – Objectif LR – April 2020, 22nd
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Karine Chorro, entrepreneuse en quête de sens

Le Journal Toulousain, Nov. 2019, 14th
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