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Phost’in Therapeutics raises €10.3m to develop First-in-Class N-glycosylation Inhibitors for Cancer Treatment

Montpellier, France – April 2020, 20th

Phost’in Therapeutics (Montpellier, France), a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of N-glycosylation inhibitors, today announced that it has successfully secured a €10.3 million Series A round, from an international syndicate of Life Science and Innovation Investors led by Remiges Ventures and completed by ANRI and Irdi Soridec Gestion.

The Series A funding will be used to advance the clinical development of Phost’in’s main program, PhOx430, and to enhance capacity of its discovery platform.

A new and innovative player in the field of Glyco-Immuno-Oncology, Phost’in Therapeutics develops a class of highly potent anti-cancer NCEs (new chemical entities) targeting a key glycosylation mechanism responsible for suppressing the immune response.

The aberrant glycosylation of tumor cells has been described for decades as implicated in cancer aggressiveness and associated with poor prognostic. It is now fully recognized as a novel immune checkpoint, masking tumor cells from the immune system via the formation of complex abnormal glycan patterns operating as a shield” explained Dr. Ludovic Clarion, CSO of Phost’in. “Our glycocalyx modifiers target the aberrant glycosylation directly to the source through the selective inhibition of a specific glycosylation enzyme, thus inducing simultaneously an anti-cancer immune response and the down regulation of the main receptors implicated in cancer proliferation and invasiveness.”


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Contact:Phost’in Therapeutics, 104 rue de la Galera, 34 090 Montpellier FRANCE